Time to say goodbye

The Dream Makers has now closed down

As you can imagine, running a travel business in a year of COVID has been hard… really hard. So unfortunately, due to this we have made the difficult decision to bring The Dream Makers to an end.

What happens to your membership?

All memberships will be cancelled to ensure that you are no longer charged, and you will continue to receive deals for the next month, with your final set of deals being sent on the 18th of December.

Where can you go to get great deals now that we’re gone?

There are several great companies out there: Jack’s Flight Club and Travel Scoop are both great! We highly recommend that you sign up for them – we know we will be 🙂

Recent prize winners – please contact us before the 18th of December so we can make arrangements for your prizes.

Time to say goodbye

As you may know, we started this business with the goal of helping more people go on holiday by bringing you incredibly cheap deals and holiday giveaways, and it’s been an amazing hearing from so many of you about the adventures that you’ve been on!

Thank you all for being a part of this journey, it’s been incredible.

For any enquiries, please contact info@wearethedreammakers.com